An Appeal for help

Mike Long and I are writing a book on ELT. The final chapter is Radical ELT: Signs of struggle: Towards an alternative organization of ELT.

I would be grateful for suggestions on what to include in the chapter. We want to highlight the work of any group or individual fighting the current ELT industry, working towards a fairer, more efficacious way of organizing ELT. Please would anybody involved in alternative approaches to syllabuses, materials, testing and teacher education get in touch. The Hands Up project, Mosaic Education, cooperatives like SLB, are just three examples of what we consider to be promising, progressive initiatives.

Please use the Comments section.


8 thoughts on “An Appeal for help

  1. Thanks very much for this, Mura. I’ll look into it. A Happy New Year to you too. I trust you’re safe, well, and trucking on. ¡Un abrazo!

  2. Hi Carol,

    I’ll send you a draft when we’re done.

    Thanks very much for these suggestions.

  3. Hi Satyanarayanarao,

    Thanks for your interest. The book will be published by Cambridge Scholars. The Table of Contents is roughly:

    Section 1. How adults learn languages
    Chapter 1. Language-learning processes
    Chapter 2. Developmental sequences
    Chapter 3. Rate of L2 development
    Chapter 4. Ultimate L2 attainment
    Chapter 5. Cognitive processes and products in SLA
    Chapter 6. Implications for instruction

    Section 2. How adults are taught EFL and ESL
    Chapter 7. How most people are taught English today, and how we got here
    Chapter 8. How English could be taught much better: TBLT
    Chapter 9. Some alternative ways children and adults learn English
    Chapter 10. Learning and teaching vocabulary, collocations, and formulaic speech
    Chapter 11. How teachers are trained and evaluated today, and how it could be done better

    Section 3. Evaluating English language learning
    Chapter 12. Who tests English now, how they do it and how it could be done better

    Section 4. The political and socioeconomic background
    Chapter 13. Unmasking ELT: Who are the real beneficiaries?
    Chapter 14. Radical ELT

    Publication hpefully in September.

  4. Thanks very much Clare. I got in tough, had an email reply from you, and I look forward to getting to know more about your work.

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