About Me

Email:   geoffjordan57@gmail.com

Qualifications: B.Sc (Econ); M.A.TEFL (Distinction); Ph.D.

Some publications

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I’ve published more than 20 articles on CALL, task-based learning, concordancers, and Business English, and given more than 50 presentations at TEFL conferences.

I’ve lived in Spain since 1981. I worked at ESADE, Barcelona for 28 years, first as a language teacher and then as Director of Studies. With my boss, Pat Mills, I helped to organise and run an MA TESOL programme, run jointly by the Institute Of Education (London University) and ESADE from 1994 to 2003.

Since 2004, I’ve worked freelance, doing English immersion courses at home, and working with post-graduate students at the University of Barcelona, the University of Leicester, and, most recently, the University of Wales, Trinity and Saint David. I also work with SLB Cooperative in Barcelona, helping Neil McMillan with an ELT course on Task-Based Language Teaching.

My main academic interests are: theories of SLA, psycholinguistics, concordancing, syllabus design and teaching practice.

Hobbies: chess, listening to Dylan, Charlie Parker and Bach, waiting for Pynchon to write another good novel, walking in the forest with dogs and donkies, and watching my wife gardening.