I’m done

I´ve decided to make no further posts on this blog and to stop Tweeting.

I have a special regard for elephants, the result of three recent visits to Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia where I saw them up so close that at times I could have reached up and touched them. One evening, as the sun set, turning a washed out blue sky red, then orange, I watched a herd of 100 elephants pass by, making their way towards a destination known perfectly by their matriarchal boss, along the vast African landscape that makes Texan vistas look tiny. They made a magnificent, majestic, awsome sight, gracefully moving, flowing along, trunks swaying, little ones shood on, the biggest ones stopping now and then,  all  that steady, purposeful mightiness strolling, rolling so silently on, a collective tribute to beauty and to the power of life. Another time I looked into the eyes of a very big elephant who came close to the Land Rover I was in. He could have flicked the car up into the air as if it were a matchstick. I saw his eyelashes blink, I saw his cloudy brown eyes looking at me. An elephant, with a history of 80 million years of existence on this planet was looking at me, a member of a species with a history of maybe 50,000 years. I thought: thanks to the likes of me, you, you utterly wonderful, beautiful thing, you’re toast.

Unless drastic action is taken, elephants will be extinct by 2030, by which time the tipping point in climate change will also have been passed and havoc will ensue. Talk of anyting else seems trivial. But maybe, just maybe, technology will rescue us. I hope so, and if it does, it will be because reason gets the better of bullshit. For that to happen, there has to be a revoution which overthrows the rule of those who currently hold power. The tiny minority who currently fuck the world up in order to maintain their power are easily identifiable and their power can be stopped tomorrow by mass action against them. The action must be local, everywhere, and free of leaders. Start now – organise locally in cooperatives and let Kropotkin give a start to your thinking about the best way to organise.

As for the world of ELT, I’m old and I’ve better things to do with the time that remains than blog and tweet. The game isn’t worth the candle.