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I.V. Dim & F. Offandback (2022) Of Baps and Nannies and Texts that Go Off Overnight. Journal of Pre-School Languaging Studies, 1,1, 1 – 111.


In this article, we offer an existentially-motivated, pluri-dimensional contribution to the on-going interrogation of reactionary expressions of whiteness, framed by colonial practices aimed at the perpetuation of white supremacy through the overdetermination of racialized otherness and deficit languaging policies which seek to misrepresent, muffle, gag, sideline and otherwise distort holistic ethnographic encounters with socially-constructed micro and macro narratives by marginalized communities which function inter alia to decentralize and destabilize whiteness and the misogynistic, reactionary, expressions of harmful views obstructing the free expression of emerging as yet unheard voicings of counter-hegemonic knowledges and lifeways. We adopt a “from the inside out” perspective, trialed and recommended by progressive tailors everywhere, which permits and encourages the framing of a challenge to two specific obstacles to the optimum development of the language and overall underdetermined educational praxis of toddlers attending pre-school educational and wellness centers in Hudson Yards, New York, and Hampstead, London. Using mixed and embedded ethnographic qualitatively authenticated and triangulated methodological procedures, we challenge the utility and ethicality of the use of standardized overdetermined academic language practices to implement the synchronic distribution of macadamia butter baps by plurilingual nannies, many of whom engage with the children in code-switching and other reactionary linguistic practices associated with the discredited practices associated with additive bilingualism.

Decolonialized educational praxis must center non-hegemonic modes of “otherwise thinking” which promote, encourage and legitimize the translanguaging instinct, consonant with multiple semiotic and socio-cultural adjustments which act as multi-sensory conduits guiding children towards a transformation of the present, anticipating  reinscribing our human, historical commonality in the act of translanguaging and leading to the metamorphosis of language into a muultilingual, multisemiotic, multisensory, and multimodal resource for sense-and meaning-making. Data include 3-D imaged representational olfactory enhanced modellings of the macadamia butter baps and multi-modal rich transcripts and 6th level avatar re-enactments of the nannies’ quasi-spontaneous interventions.       

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Sokal would have done a much better job of it. I dashed this silly bit of piss-taking off and I wish I’d taken more time (another 30 minutes) on it. I can’t tell you how much the way these people express the bullshit they peddle offends me.

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