Silvana Richardson: Living in a glass house

A few days ago, Silvana Richardson tweeted

Strong words from Ms. Richardson. But is she in a position to throw such stones? Below are some extracts from her IATEFL 2016 conference plenary. My comments follow the ***s. 

Apart from regular appearances in the Cambridge English Teacher, a now defunct, promotional arm of Cambridge Assessment English, I can find no published work by Richardson in any applied linguistics or  ELT journal. Richardson rebukes conference organisers and teaching associations for giving under-informed speakers a platform to spread half-baked ideas. Yet she herself continues to use the biggest platforms at the biggest conference to deliver ill-informed and poorly judged opinions on SLA research.  Mind the glass. 

One thought on “Silvana Richardson: Living in a glass house

  1. Good article – the name struck a chord with me and then I remembered this talk from 2017:

    “Silvana Richardson – Beyond demand high: Making quality learning happen for all.”
    I found it interesting but I am not sure how grounded it is in academia or SLA research.

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